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January 22nd, 2015  


The Strengths of Catholic Christianity - I recently read a short piece by a professor of Psychology, Dr. Paul C. Vitz, who outlined some of the strengths of our faith. Here is my expanded version of his list, for your consideration:
Catholic Christianity ...

1) views all human beings as members of the same family which is genuinely universal and rejects no one;

2) has concern for the whole created world and all of God's creatures;

3) has a wide range of expressions in many of the cultures of the world;

4) has a great intellectual tradition which is both spiritual and rational (the truth is not situational or simply popular);

5) has as its foundational emphasis interpersonal relationships (love of God and neighbour - every neighbour and especially the neighbour most in need);

6) celebrates life and faith in the sacraments and liturgy;

7) is an adventure that challenges us to grow and to take risks in relationships, and even to face serious dangers to the point of self-sacrifice;

8) leads to genuine fulfillment in this life and in the next.

Welcome to Mary Immaculate Parish

Mary Immaculate Parish is an active, vibrant Roman Catholic parish located at the corner of Trafalgar Street and Admiral Drive in the east end of London, Ontario. There are approximately 700 actively registered families from London, Dorchester and surrounding areas.

The parish has many active groups and organizations and continues to grow in Jesus as you can see in the ministry pages. We are proud to welcome the deaf and hard of hearing community as we have ASL interpreted Saturday evening Mass and many students studying ASL.

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