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PASTOR'S DESK - March 29-Palm Sunday

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The Day of Confessions - We had a wonderful day on Thursday, celebrating with many parishioners and visitors. I am grateful for the help of Bishop Sherlock and all the priests who assisted.

Share Lent Collection- This important collection represents the sacrifices we made during Lent, and is directed to the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace. This organization is an official arm of the Canadian bishops, established after Vatican Council II, to educate Canadians about the needs of people in developing countries, and to reach out to help them with projects that are designed to lead them to self-sufficiency. We'll accept the donations for Share Lent for several weeks, and then forward the total to the bishop's office. Please be generous!

Holy Week - With this Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, we have entered into the holiest week of our liturgical year, hence its name "Holy Week." It is not only the culmination of the season of Lent, but also the lead in to the whole season of Easter, bridged during the Triduum (meaning, three days) from Holy Thursday evening until Easter night.
As these are the most beautiful liturgies we have, I encourage all to come and participate. They are long, but they help us appreciate the central mysteries of our faith which we recall in these days. If you have never (or not lately) participated in any of the Triduum celebrations, you will be surprised as to their beauty and majesty. Yes, they are long (leave your watches at home) but incredibly moving and prayerful. You won't be disappointed!

Lenten Regulations for Good Friday - Don't forget that Good Friday is day of fast and abstinence:
"Fasting" means eating two small meals and one regular meal, with no food eaten in-between meals. The law of fasting binds all those who are from 18 to 59 years of age.
"Abstinence" from meat is also required on this day. This law applies to all who are 14 years of age and older. People may be dispensed from these laws depending on particular medical conditions.

New Bookkeeper - We welcome to the staff Mrs. Rosella Cox as a part-time bookkeeper. With the expanding secretarial work to support our various ministries, the Finance Council decided it was a good idea to get some support for Angie's work. Having Rosella on staff will allow Angie to be available for more time in the front office. Our office hours will be expanded to reflect this availability after Easter. Welcome Rosella!

Have a blessed Holy Week+

PASTOR'S DESK - March 22-Fifth Sunday of Lent

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The Day of Confessions - The Lord is kind and merciful (Ps 103).
This Wednesday, March 25, you will find every church in the diocese is open for confessions. It is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the need for all to seek God's forgiveness. Joined with others across the diocese, we strive to be better disciples of Christ, better people.
This is one of the most important moments for each of us in this holy season of Lent, since conversion is the pathway of Lent. We strive, through prayer, penance and sharing to live the Gospel more fully. Now, by the light of faith, we seek to eliminate the obstacles which separate us from God, so that we may be fully configured to Christ, and live for God alone. This is the true meaning of conversion.
Our schedule for confessors and times has been posted. There will be two confessors available throughout the day, and for several hours there will be three - see the schedule. You can take advantage of times here, or go elsewhere as you wish. Times for confessions vary in each parish, but you can find these on the diocesan web-site if you have internet access: <www.dol.ca>.
We have various forms for an "examination of conscience" available at the back of the church, to help prepare for this moment of grace. These are organized by age and need. There is one suitable for everyone!
The Lord is kind and merciful (Ps 103). What a wonderful opportunity to experience the kindness and mercy of God!

Share Lent Collection- This week, the Share Lent envelope is attached to the bulletin. This collection is taken up every year in Catholic parishes across the country. The monies are used by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace to assist in developing countries with projects for things such as clean water supplies, housing, up-grading agricultural practices, and maintaining schools. Some of the money is earmarked to educate Canadians about these needs and how our life-style may contribute to poverty in other parts of the world.
The suggested amount for the collection is the equivalent of money we saved through our Lenten penances. Giving up snacks or favourite drinks, going to the show or out for dinner, or other such things, leaves us with more money at the end of Lent. By donating this money to Share Lent, we not only benefit by the sacrifice, but our sacrifices really benefit someone else as well.
This is one of our most important collections throughout the year. Consider what your gift might be to help others. Please use the envelope provided or any other envelope marked "Share Lent," marking your name or envelope number on it so you can be credited for your tax receipt.

Working at the Chancery - I will now be spending Thursdays in the Chancery each week.

Have a blessed week and a blessed Lent+

50th Anniversary Celebration

The Mary Immaculate Parish 50th Anniversary Celebration committee met earlier this week. As part of our anniversary celebrations throughout the year we will be asking for your help. If you have old pictures and/or memorabilia from events, committees, teams, parish groups or organizations please share them with our parish family. Please start looking through your memory boxes and old photo albums for anything that you are willing to contribute. We hope to collect your memories systematically, by decade, on the following weekends;

March 7 - 8 -- 1965-1985
March 21 - 22 -- 1986-2005
April 11 - 12 -- 2006-2015

Thank you in advance for sharing your priceless memories with our parish family.

Welcome to Mary Immaculate Parish

Mary Immaculate Parish is an active, vibrant Roman Catholic parish located at the corner of Trafalgar Street and Admiral Drive in the east end of London, Ontario. There are approximately 700 actively registered families from London, Dorchester and surrounding areas.

The parish has many active groups and organizations and continues to grow in Jesus as you can see in the ministry pages. We are proud to welcome the deaf and hard of hearing community as we have ASL interpreted Saturday evening Mass and many students studying ASL.

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