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The Joyous Season of Lent - As we prepare to receive new members into our community, we are accompany them in prayer and to set the example of the Christian life. By our way of life they should see the model of the true Christian. It is an awesome responsibility, much like that of parents who are called to set examples for their own children. We need to consider, then, the example we set in celebrating the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Penance.
Setting this example with the Eucharist is much more than our simple attendance on a weekly basis. It begins there, of course, but continues with the manner in which we attend : our preparation even before coming, our prayerfulness and devotion during the Mass, our participation in all the prayers and hymns, our gestures of prayer, our listening to God's word and the homily, our worthy and devout reception of Holy Communion, our recognition of friends and neighbors as we gather and as we take leave of the celebration - really, our whole disposition toward the celebration.
Here are a few questions that may help to assess how we are celebrating Mass and how attentive we are:
1. Do I look at and reflect on the word of God during the week, so that I may be familiar with it when it is proclaimed and preached?
2. Am I coming to the celebration with open heart and mind, and not just out of some sense of obligation?
3. Do I follow the prayers and make the responses with sincerity?
4. Am I making all the gestures (genuflecting; the Sign of the Cross; crossing forehead, lips and heart before the Gospel; the sign of peace) carefully and reverently?
5. Am I conscious that the Risen Lord is truly present in the Mass, especially in the Eucharist I receive?
6. Do I receive Holy Communion as one worthy to approach the altar of the Lord, truly desirous of "communion" with him?
7. Am I truly grateful for the love shown by Jesus in his death for my sins?
8. Am I greeting other worshipers with respect, knowing that together we are offering this great prayer of thanksgiving?
Perhaps these questions may help each of us to reflect on the gift we have in the Mass, and how we are called to full, active and conscious participation in this holy sacrifice.

Have a blessed week and a blessed Lent+


Mary Immaculate Knights of Columbus will be hosting a SAINT PATRICK'S DAY celebration in our church hall on Friday, March 13th from 6:00-11:00 p.m. There will be live entertainment by "Melody of Friends", a popular group from Holy Name of Mary parish, in St. Mary's. Bar facilities and a light meal of Irish Stew , roll, salad and dessert will be served. There are a limited number of "ADVANCE" tickets available for $15.00 each, so get your ticket early by calling Mike 519-455-4433, Paul 519-951-0336 or Tom 519-494-5251.

50th Anniversary Celebration

The Mary Immaculate Parish 50th Anniversary Celebration committee met earlier this week. As part of our anniversary celebrations throughout the year we will be asking for your help. If you have old pictures and/or memorabilia from events, committees, teams, parish groups or organizations please share them with our parish family. Please start looking through your memory boxes and old photo albums for anything that you are willing to contribute. We hope to collect your memories systematically, by decade, on the following weekends;

March 7 - 8 -- 1965-1985
March 21 - 22 -- 1986-2005
April 11 - 12 -- 2006-2015

Thank you in advance for sharing your priceless memories with our parish family.

Welcome to Mary Immaculate Parish

Mary Immaculate Parish is an active, vibrant Roman Catholic parish located at the corner of Trafalgar Street and Admiral Drive in the east end of London, Ontario. There are approximately 700 actively registered families from London, Dorchester and surrounding areas.

The parish has many active groups and organizations and continues to grow in Jesus as you can see in the ministry pages. We are proud to welcome the deaf and hard of hearing community as we have ASL interpreted Saturday evening Mass and many students studying ASL.

Feel free to browse through the pages of our website.